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Various Artists - You Call This Music?! - Volume 1

Various Artists - You Call This Music?! - Volume 1



This compilation features international up and coming punk bands, as well as bands who have had appearances on Alternative Tentacles, Fat, Kung Fu, Hopeless, Lookout, Recess, Sympathy For the Record Industry, Bluurg, BYO, Slap A Ham, and Panic Button. Featuring artwork by Fly (that's right the same Fly who did up the liner notes/lyric sheet for the Pinhead Gunpowder/Dillinger Four Split 7" on Adeline)!!
Released May 2000


1 Intro -What The Hell Is This Noise?
2 Intro5pect -No More Time
3 Planet Trash -Third Degree
4 Twenty2 -My Socks
5 The Voids -Forgotten
6 Grand Prixx -Wish I Could Say
7 Falling Sickness -Accion Directa
8 JCCC -What Are You Doing?
9 G.B.A. -Rebel
10 Litmus Green -Refuse
11 ESL?! -Land Of The Free
12 Shamus O'niel -Jeffrey Glen Miller
13 Abstain -Blind
14 Operation Cliff Clavin -Lesson Learned
15 Hotbox -Take You On (Unreleased)
16 Listen -Kill Your TV, Destroy Your Ugly Radio
17 Zero Content -Heat The Rich LIVE
18 Backside -Guilt By Association
19 ATFO -Jock Jams
20 D.O.A. -Brainwash
21 Napkin -Fuck Off
22 Disenchanted -Guidelines For Revolution
23 Four Letter Words -I Want More!
24 Citizen Fish -Legalized TV Violence
25 The Eyeliners -Rock-N-Roll, Baby!
26 Female Chauvinist Pigs -So You Think...
27 Thrash Kats -Donna
28 Minus Blindfold -Sick Boy
29 Clit 45 -Strength Thru Struggle
30 KTS-East Side Bitches
31 The Aborted -Destruction
32 Pornshot -Blush
33 Useless ID -Lonely Heart
34 Thee Outkasts -H!88
35 Ancient Chinese Secret -Sakura
36 NEA -Hitler In The Toy Store
37 Berzerk -Never Enough
38 Panic Button -Too
39 Tsunami Bomb -Obligation
40 Outro -. . . Still . . .


This CD offers some serious hardcore, punk action. Forty songs in seventy minutes in pure punk fashion. This CD is all about fast, thumping beats that will get you out of your seat. If you are looking for some Blink-inspired bubble gum pop punk, this CD is not your best bet. Most of the songs are pretty good, if you’re into that type of music. Bands like Falling Sickness, Citizen Fish, Tsunami Bomb and Useless I.D. all contribute to the CD.
(CG) PI Zine, Issue #4, February 2002

The theory behind this comp is that every punk has been listening to something he really digs and someone else has come along and said "You call this music?" In response, Geykido Comet throw up their middle fingers and scream, "Fuck yeah, Just listen to this shit." There's a pretty diverse collection of bands on this comp, from old, famous bands like DOA and Citizen Fish to cool former bands like Falling Sickness and Jon Cougar Concentration Camp to the next-big-thing like the Eyeliners to a bunch of bands I've never heard of. The only thing all the songs have in common is they're pretty good. This is what punk rock radio would be on a good day. And, just to keep the DIY spirit strong and do something really cool, they priced this CD at $3. And it's almost 70 minutes long. I just don't see how you could go wrong.
(Sean) RAZORCAKE, Issue #2, June 2001

Yet another cheapo sampler, I hear you groan. And yup, it is cheap at three bucks. And this one is well worth that (modest) investment. While there is a slew of bigger bands amongst the 40 tracks here (Citizen Fish, DOA, Operation Cliff Clavin, Falling Sickness, Litmus Green, John Cougar Concentration Camp, etc), it's the unreleased gems from the unknowns that makes this a keeper.
HITLIST, Vol. 2, Issue #3, September 2000

This isn't your typical label sampler; these bands are on about 10 different labels, and there is a huge range of styles, from melodic hardcore, to screaming girls, perky pop punk, and political punk. A bunch of different labels are represented here, to go along with the variety of styles, and although some of the songs are released elsewhere, there are plenty of previously unreleased songs for fans of particular bands. Since it sells for only $3 potspaid, any fan of decent punk is sure to find something on this they'll like, and sure to find some band they've never heard of that rocks their boat. Highlights are the Eyeliners, Operation Cliff Clavin, Citizen Fish, Hotbox, and ThrashKats. Hey, it's nothing great, but like I said, you can't go wrong for $3!!
(Steve) SHREDDING PAPER, Issue #7, Summer 2000



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